Monday, March 31, 2008


The very first couple from 34th SSEAYP got hitched and we managed to fly to Brunei to witness the wedding ceremony of Bob (SG J) & Mimiet (SG H).

We were also invited to attend Adai (BYL - SG H) engagement ceremony. He'll be getting married in July.

On behalf of SPY07, we would like to congratulate bob & mimmiet on the marriage and adai & partner on their engagement.

and to all BPY07, thank you so much for the great hospitality. You guys are a bunch of great host!!

To the visiting PYs - MaPys - Azura, Aishah, Syahz & Fahmi and also IPy - Harun, it was definitely great meeting up with you guys. We hope to see you guys in Singapore next.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Goo's Trip to Singapore

Goo (JPY - SG G) made a quick stop in Singapore after her trip to Indonesia and before she continued to her next stop - Brunei.

dinner at orchard road with SPY07

Goo, we hope you enjoyed your short stay in Singapore. and please do stay a little longer the next time you come to visit.